6th Day Provision

EDMulti is a proven way to address the 6th day provision issues and improve your academy’s attendance whilst also reducing:

• isolation days
• student exclusions
• fixed term exclusions
• incidents in inclusions
• low-level disruptive behaviour


Legal Requirements

It is now a legal requirement that an alternative provision must be arranged for an excluded child from the sixth day of their exclusion from mainstream education.

However, EDMulti can do this from day one!

As soon as a child is excluded then an alternative provision can begin. By working in partnership we can make it so that as soon as an exclusion takes place the child can be accessing work structured for their reintegration back into mainstream education.

By placing the child onto an virtual classroom seat it enables that student instant access to support, tutors and teaching within an approved and proven method of delivering an alternative provision. The student can follow any type of learning pathway for core, academic and vocational content alongside behaviour repair work. This pathway can instantly be set up in collaboration with the school and EDMulti. The student just needs a laptop, webcam and headset to start. Once the child is in a safe environment (that has had a health and safety visit completed by your qualified staff) then they are ready to learn and for their provision to start.