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EDMulti (by EDClass) is a proven Virtual Classroom designed especially for Multi Academy Trusts. 

Our platform delivers outcomes and destinations for your most hard to reach learners throughout your schools and whole Multi Academy Trust.

Within our pioneering virtual classroom you can use our live teaching platform to educate as an alternative provision for any learner where you can control your seats and deliver an extensive curriculum throughout your trust.

Your staff also can have full access to the system so that you have a unique delivery methodology to teach those students that are hard to reach, excluded, have mental health issues, problems with their health, poor attenders, or school phobic learners.

You simply are in control of the seats, curriculum delivery and teaching and learning that is personalised to each learner on the platform.

Within this platform, Safeguarding your learners is paramount as we can prove significant eyes on learning and progress.


Working With Multi Academy Trusts

The Multi Academy Trust way…

EDMulti offers a unique and personalised learning process for any learner impacting your school through our remote learning and Virtual Classroom through our comprehensive and safe eyes on learning platform.

EDMulti is proven to:

  • provide an alternative provision for all your schools under one central platform
  • increase attainment
  • enhance positive destinations for all individuals
  • deliver school improvement
  • achieve positive outcomes
  • improve behaviour
  • reduce exclusions

Breaking Barriers to Learning within a Multi Academy Trust…

EDMulti breaks down barriers to learning for a range of:

  • students not attending school
  • learners with mental health issues
  • hard to reach learner
  • school refuses
  • home educated individuals
  • those individuals affecting attendance, standards and pressures in mainstream classrooms
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